Technical Overview

The following is a high level description of the computer’s current features and capabilities.

CPU architecture and technical details

  • Modified Harvard Architecture
  • 16-bit processor (combined 16/8-bit datapath)
  • 16-bit logical address bus with separate code and data segments (128kb memory addressable by programs)
  • 22-bit physical address bus (4MB total memory, 1MB currently installed)
  • Programmable MMU
  • 6 programmer visible registers
  • Supervisor and user modes
  • 256 opcodes (proprietary instruction set, similar to x86), see downloads for latest instruction set specs
  • 7¬†distinct addressing modes (register, implied, immediate, register indirect, register indirect with offset, PC-relative, stack relative)
  • 16¬†priority driven independent faults and interrupts
  • Maximum tested CPU clock frequency is 4.09MHz
  • Power draw is 11.5 watts (2.3A at 5V)


  • 2 serial ports (RS-232)
  • Real-time clock
  • IDE controller

Current block diagram of the CPU


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